Make Me

Make Me

P J Bayliss

Make Me

A cafe outing,
short skirt with no panties,
Oak table,
With a rose.
She teases me with her toes,
Seductively rubbing
The tension,
Together we depart,
Hailing a cab,
My trousered length.
The drivers eyes diverting,
Just out of sight,
I’m almost,
Finally we arrive home,
I open the door,
She grabs,
My tie.
Passionately she then reaches,
Gasping my hair,
I’m forced,
Between thigh.
Amidst our lust frenzy,
We then stumble,
Before falling,
Upon the stairs.
Forcing my hand to comfort,
Beneath her skirt,
She unfolds.
Her delicate lips moistened,
Wrapped around my knuckle,
Before she,
Surrounds my wrist.
She cries with unbridled passion,
With aching song pleasure,
Unleashing me.
Her muffled moans leak,
Resonating deep,
Around my,
Unleashed girth.
Rolling upon her back,
Shoulders upon the steps,
Her thighs,
Restrict me.
I plunge my steady length,
Deep within,
Her surging,

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Summer Air

Summer Air

P J Bayliss

Sweet summer air,

Barely noticed you there,

‘Til chill down my spine,

Our senses intertwine.


That sensual blast,

Forever may it last,

Neck to my hips,

Across sensitive lips.


Thirst consumes me,

Scent so heavenly,

Soul drawn to you,

Unsure what to do.


You detect my nerves,

Cautiously you observe,

Under taint of your eye,

I crumble between thighs.


We walk gentle pasture,

Your sun adorned posture,

Nothing on earth it seems,

Could further weaken my knees.


Drifting stride by stride,

Swimming with your tide,

We cast eye across the land,

Gently you grasp my hand.


As the sun settles above,

Peaceful as a white dove,

You become my only fare,

Amidst that sweet summer air.


(C) 2015 PJ Bayliss



Jealous Rainbows is one of many romance poems available in my book titled Restraint.

Available on my author page at


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P J Bayliss


I imagine rainbows,

Would be jealous of you,

For having so much beauty,

Hidden in plain view.


You do not need showers,

To come outside and play,

Your beauty is abundant,

Throughout the night and day.


Never needing sunlight,

Glowing in the dark,

With your golden radiance,

Emitting from your heart.


Rainbows may have shoulders,

But they cannot give a hug,

Nor arms to hold and nurture,

The ones you truly love.


Yes rainbows must be jealous,

From their reds to their blues,

Maybe that is why they’re crying,

And always following you.


(C) 2015 PJ Bayliss



Jealous Rainbows is one of many romance poems available in my book titled Absence.

Available on my author page at

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Runaway Tide



I still feel drawn towards the fleeing tide

All these years and nothing has changed

The Lady of the Sea arrives in her glory

Only to once again run away and hide


I chase forever it seems to keep her near

As the promise of the steady surf fools me

I believe she will stay high upon the shore

Yet again she steals away at sunsets clear


Her arrival sees me once more at her side

Immersing myself in her unending beauty

Wishing upon sea stars that she will remain

To forever be this Mountains lovely bride


I cannot help but think, we were meant to be

Her gentle shoreline softly meets the rocks

While her waves kiss my steady ruggedness

I ache to become one with my magical sea


Alas I am again reminded far, far too soon

That our bliss is only just a brief encounter

She must be going now and slowly pulls away

Gleaming beauty…

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The Dream Is Life



Floating not falling

Only to fall when the floating stops

Chased by the unseen

Running but never getting away

Time is running out

Yet I have all the time in the world

The sun rises

But is only the moon in disguise

Confusion reigns supreme

As certainty is the most real understanding

Castle walls

Crumble away leaving cardboard shacks


I possess the wealth of kings

Lack of choice

Creates endless possibilities

Pleasure abounds

As pain becomes unbearable

I feel alone

While surrounded by the masses

Darkness envelops

As rays of light pierce my soul

Doors close

As I race through openings

Sewn shut

I fall through a hole in the sky

Slumber ends

As this dream begins again

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The Tree



This simple thing seemingly forgotten

So taken for granted and overlooked

Nature’s stunning beauty represented

In every root, branch, flower, and nook


Crooked and gnarled as it stretches

Reaching out for mysteries unseen

Rough and rugged beauty grasping

Seeking knowledge in where it’s been

It envies the bird for its lofty flight

As it is cursed to stand forever still

Baring witness to all that surrounds

Then left alone in darkened icy chill

It sees the owl and covets it’s wisdom

Hears the lark and wishes to also sing

Seeing not the stunning beauty grown

And the uniqueness only it can bring

It is present when the Gods are crying

At hand as fire lights the morning sky

Rooted deep in loamy earthen reality

Unknowingly strong, infinitely high

It’s blossoms open and scent the air

While the world around goes ever on

Sweet aroma from such sturdy timber

Such tender grace from twisted brawn

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Here I stand again

On the edge of a new beginning

Past regrets and indiscretions loom large

As they whisper in my ear the things I cannot change

Here I stand again

As I have so many times before

Looking into the jaws of uncertainty with wonder

Not knowing if the road I am about to take will set me free

Here I stand again

Left with a new and overwhelming choice

One not to ever be taken lightly or made foolishly

A decision that could make or break the strongest of free wills

Once again I stand

Looking into the beckoning distance

Each direction giving no hint of what mysteries reside

I am captured in the time and space between the here and now

Once again I stand

With only my solitary heart to guide me

Finding trust in such a fragile yet unstoppable force

Is much easier when matters such as this are emotionally unburdened


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