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Fragments of Hope

Sorrow strengthens with ever step
On this path of broken promises
Forgotten dreams shatter reality
As silent words lead me onward

Misplaced thoughts searching
Words forever ending in pain
Lost in moments of reflection
Memories will never be erased

Melodies linger, sleep overtakes
Holding onto fragments of hope
Dreams unfold into a twilight sea
Light fades with passing thoughts

Wrapped in time’s embrace
A silent sadness descends 
Waiting for understanding
…and forgiveness

Copyright © 2015 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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Missing Dad

Leslie Meeks

It’s been thirty-five years since you’ve gone away

I remember your death as if it were yesterday

I was only nine years old when you left my side

So much I didn’t get to experience while you were alive

I’ve been robbed many years of not having a dad

I know in my heart you wouldn’t want me to be sad

If you were alive today, I wonder if my life would be any different

You were so strict, I’m sure it would be

I would give anything if you could see your grand kids today

I know you would love, cherish and adore them in every way

I find myself missing you still today

Though it’s been thirty-five years since you’ve gone away

Happy Fathers Day Daddy

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Calla Lily

Words by Justin Case

I see her in my dreams

More beautiful than a Calla Lilly
I long to trace my fingers
along the curved path
between breast and thigh

I crave to place whispered secrets
here and there upon her skin

I need to hold her
in my arms
and to taste her kiss

She is a canvas
aching to be touched
and discovered
and set free

So I drop a pebble in the pool
and watch the silken ripples
gently carry my love to her

She is the one
I am drawn to
She is the one that

has been missing in my life
She is the one
I have been searching for
She is the one
that is in my dreams


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the sacred road


forgotten warmth dissipates from icy fingers
as the steel cut of once-was brutlizes breath.
it is a shard of ever present purpose
as neither stasis nor fludity stymy its obsidian blade.
it tastes of warm summer days
drenched in the bitter clutch of winter –
a time that once held promise
in the weight of ineviability.
but the rose hued vibrancy of perception
now bleeds in merky shades of grey.
and the reality of fallibility and anguish
now rest permanetly on experienced lips.
the pristine prison shatters
as to live
means to fear
to fight
to grieve.
a wisdom that comes saturated in the ashes
of long extinguished flames;
leaving behind this peristent aching
for all that was won
and lost merely in the cusp of being.
days span into interminable moments
as painful inhalations shift
this ever present blade;
leaving behind crimison chilled fingertips
and the knowledge that this…

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transcendental relief

The Red Velvet Chair

a depth of emotion
carves intricacies upon the very essence of being
the likes of which have never been felt

indescribable and fathomless
comes tumescent and affable affection

deliberately chiseling
unyielding yet gentle
with a force undeniable in intent

unpredictable yet warranted
accepted without interruption
the painful delight of such magnificent markings
forever etched yet

morphing elaborations
born from simple beginnings
swirl and flourish as if alive
and breathing

ineffable emotion
carving intricacies upon itself

c. 2015 Deidre Meyrick

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the sacred road


spindle hairs of memory
dance along muted ends
as thoughts of him rekindle
a fire forgotten and long well spent.

a tiny flame undulates within the embers
igniting a passion long believed to be lost.
a pheonix rising from the ashes
eager to burn regardless of the cost.

purity engulfed eternal
in the raging inferno of her soul;
in him, the echo of her spirit
desperate for the warmth only she can bestow.

it is a cataclysmic consumation
as chilling bone consumes graceful waves of brandished blue.
a gluttonous feast set before him,
an addiction from which he’ll forever imbue.

his compliance a hedonistic aphrodisiac
laced like honey across her tongue –

sudden realization
an added spice
ashis course unerringly undone.

his terror a palpable inticement
as she drinks him ever in
until all is left is the ashes
awash across her burning skin.

the breath…

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