P J Bayliss


I imagine rainbows,

Would be jealous of you,

For having so much beauty,

Hidden in plain view.


You do not need showers,

To come outside and play,

Your beauty is abundant,

Throughout the night and day.


Never needing sunlight,

Glowing in the dark,

With your golden radiance,

Emitting from your heart.


Rainbows may have shoulders,

But they cannot give a hug,

Nor arms to hold and nurture,

The ones you truly love.


Yes rainbows must be jealous,

From their reds to their blues,

Maybe that is why they’re crying,

And always following you.


(C) 2015 PJ Bayliss



Jealous Rainbows is one of many romance poems available in my book titled Absence.

Available on my author page at

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