the sacred road

waves crashed in unmitigated fury
upon the broken shore.
it was a surge of power
so violent
it would quell the staunchest of hearts
and yet,
she could no longer dismiss
its savage allure.
the storm swelled along the horizon
and her heart wrenched
as her rooted feet refused
to give purchase to the quaking ground.
the time
– that inevitable time –
of choice
and consequence were upon her.
she could no longer grace
this fragile divide,
dipping uncertain toes
in either space of time.
marks the beginning of her forevers
and the moment
she must firmly
and completely decide.
the sea beckoned
as the earth clung
but the true beat of her heart
would not be denied.
on failing legs,
she fled
once more desperate
to feel the pulling tide around her feet.
braches tore
and rocks abraded,
until her bruised and battered skin
stung in the…

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