the sacred road

there is a definitive delineation
between who i was
and who i’ve become –
a lifetime of moments
lived amongst a handful of breaths.
the differentiation is deceptively clear
in a world shrouded in wavering greys.
there is a glaring reality
of before
and after
as the trauma of your absence
forever swayed the forward placement
of each agonizing step.
the loss compounded
as the progression of my journey
leads me ever further from a life inclusive of you.
you become a glamorized memory
vivid and vibrantly perfect
as i traversed the rocky plane of transformation
from youthful adolescence
to uncharted waters of adulthood.
near decades have passed;
and yet, I still hear the lilt of your laughter
and yearn to share
every stuttering of my healing heart.
you are
ever my compass
though I am uncertain of the validity
and so i strive
to become but half

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