Mary Cochrane


My lover’s beauty is like the gentle fragrance
Of a sweet flower that awakens my every sense,
His eyes are the clearest streams of purity,
Where frequently I bathe in joy and innocence.
The hand he reaches out to me
Invites me to the realms of ecstasy.

My lover’s kiss is the bond of a love
No human heart could e’er conceive,
His strength and loyalty instil in me
The verity of all that I believe.
The way he loves me endlessly
Reminds me that we breathe eternity.

My lover’s silence is more profound
Than the greatest works of poetry,
The life that flows from deep within his soul
And mine, is a powerful force in unity.
The words I pen cannot reveal
The depths of my love for Michael.

Copyright (C) Mary Cochrane 2014

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This Once Raven

Richard M. Ankers

Under cover of darkness,

I shed these wings.

A raven no more,

N’er even a crow,

I am beaten,

Chased away

By greyscale clouds,

A storm in waiting.

My fields are taken,

The sky

From me stripped.

And I curl up in this bower

A not unpleasant haunt,

This favourite of mine,

And await death.

I shall count the feathers

As they fall,

And count the time in dusks.

This once raven

Couldn’t ask for much more.

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Spellbound in Darkness

A Blog Less Traveled

Silent Moments

Conversations bubble as seats taken
Hush descends, lights slowly dim
Orchestra pit lamps illuminate shadows
Stillness overtakes as anticipation rises

Music fills the air with excited promise
Curtains part, a column of light appears
Smoke is caught and whirls endlessly
Flickering images appear on the screen

Title cards announce a tale of woe
Of love, heartache, tears and laughter
A dashing hero, a beautiful heroine
The dastardly villain bent on revenge

Romance told in visual vignettes
Music plays to action unfolding
Restrained melodies serenading lovers
Thunderous crescendo for the villain

With the sound of silence ever near
Transported to a place of wonder
When faces spoke and we listened
A world of shadow and light

Those far off days of glamour
Old Hollywood frozen in time
Dreams in silhouette survive
Forever spellbound in darkness

Copyright © 2015 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Silent Moments

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