Haiku Ten – Eight

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This haiku welcomes
Musical orchid delight
In verse melodies

Connections through time
Directing education

Words ignite desires
Passions flow beneath covers
Pleasures of reading

A spring flower blooms
Smiling eyes bursting with joy
Beauty in season

Reasons forgotten
Light dims with every heartbeat
Your touch haunts me still

Captured by your smile
Laughing eyes show me the way
Darkness never dawns

Questions surround me
Answers move into focus
Silence without tears

Laughter without tears
Silence without loneliness
Nothing without pain

Restless thoughts ramble
Shadows whisper endlessly
Silhouettes dancing

On a stormy night
An Old Dark House mystery

Copyright © 2015 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

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Room of Secrets

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Lost in her room of secrets
Knowing her weakness
Passions lurking in shadows
Searching for release

A reputation to maintain
Prim and proper
Debauched desires brewing
Needing to be tamed

Reaching out in the dark of night
Lust in sight
Waiting for a time to let go
For love to flow

Turning away from possibilities
As desires weep
Wondering if it’s hers to give
Or be taken away

Repressed by rejection and fear
And unsatisfied tears
Full of sadness as love fades
Lost in her room of secrets

Copyright © 2015 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Room of Secrets

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Late Night Journeys

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Letting You Go

Sailing away on dreams and expectations
Doubt fades and hope returns once again
Gazing into your eyes silences the voices
Lost words frozen in the still of the night

With the best of intentions it all began
Moments woven with pain float on by
Exploring late night journeys in my mind
But saying goodbye is the hardest thing

Words written in ink, tears and sadness
My way of saying its over and letting go
Shivering in the thought that it brings
Lost illusions linger as sleep takes hold

Copyright © 2015 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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No rest for the wicked is how the saying goes

But tediousness is tiresome work to say the least

I seek a place that I may quietly rest my noisy head

It waits for me high above and to the direct Northeast

A point of refuge for the traveler in the night

A corner of the world with a uniqueness all its own

Diamonds and emeralds grace its endless shores

A glistening path to serenity is what you will be shown

All around leviathans reach for the glory of the heavens

As depths are concealed by a pristine sheet of the deepest blue

A place holding the most genuine of divine inspirations

Where heart and mind can grasp what’s right and true

The wise men and the elders that graced this land before

Left so much to teach us if we open eyes enough to find

Respect for the spirit of what Mother Earth bestowed upon us

Take solely what is…

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