Entirety in Bits and Pieces

she fights every insecurity

every day

to some degree

Some days she gives in


She won’t bend

Her clarity settles

Just in time

For confusion to build

The tumultuous existence

Of a woman’s scope

In desire

To fulfill longing

To seek beauty

And live out truth

And hopes one day

She will be found

In all of them

Squelching the inner critic

To find her whole being

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#PoetryInMotion ~ Fragments

Words across the Oceans



As the we journey through life
Moments, memories and things
Getting collected along the way
Far, wide & deep, like the ocean…

As we get older
The reality of time passing
Is an ever-present force
Ticking away no matter what…

Nearing the end of the road
“Fragments” of our lives
Start to breakaway
Quicker and quicker, each day…

Till all that is left is just you
Stripped away
You: who entered this life
Is also the same you who leaves it…


© DebraDML (2015)


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