wild and free.

the sacred road

the veil falls
as a web of mist
sways across the surface
of a blood red moon.

it is a heralding,
beckoning the most devoted of nymphs
to once more dance
among the lilting symphony
of a long forgotten tune.

shadows alight
as those left to mourn
find sustenance in the extension of spirit.

the distance created
in the apathy and joy of living
as missing souls
find the ability to embrace.

laughter abounds
though no lips give voice to such splendor.

burdens abate
into a bittersweet lightness
as peripheral glances
bring solace to yearning hearts.

and for a moment
among the gracious expanse of the stars,
hold the vibrancy
of the life that we once lived.

it is a fleeting moment
that will soon be lost
in the burning embers
of a rising sun.

but for today,
it is a sacredness
we will desperately cherish
as we…

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