the journey back. II national poetry day

the sacred road

i feel the tightness that manifests
when a fractured soul begins to mend.
it is a beautifully fragile ache
that chaffs as it soothes.
ravaged scabs begin to crack and crumble,
only to fall away and reveal
the glimmering pinkness of reborn beginnings.
it is a badge
visibly left to mark the moments process of growth.
it is but a superficial reminder
of the painful re-knitting
of one in the depths of healing.
the newness is tender
much like the tentativeness of my well-being.
progress is monumental
– though ongoing –
and with the slightness misstep
or careless gamble,
could easily reopen the preciousness of healing wounds.
it is a conundrum of calamities
as each dogged step holds the fear of failing
in the roots of the anguish of my past.
the waves begin to converge
as i reach for the shores
perpetually out of reach.
and i am lost

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