the sacred road

she woke
to the crushing weight of pilfered dreams
shadowed by the anguish
of ever present hope.
it is an albatross
and forked of tongue
waiting in joyful ill-content
to cinch
and tighter.
deep breaths sustain
this agonized half-existence
as the battle drums of immanent war
beat upon the tightness of her chest.
the siege is inevitable
and there is no withstanding
the power of the surging tide.
the screams commence
as the shadows converge
spreading their corrosive pestilence.
the worth of hearts falls away
as amalgamations of purpose
warp into dysmorphic affirmations
that all
the mirror cracks
as mistruths fall like honey
off whiskey laced tongues.
once steadfast belief
until all that was won
shatters into unbearable loss.
all is not as it seems
despite delicate fingers
lingering over fresh pocked scars.
harkening words of enticement
dance along muffled ears
as misconceptions…

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