the sacred road


the clack of wheels
within the encroaching darkness.
it is a dirge
harkening the demise
of all that comes to befall.
for under the mist
of a hallow’s eve,
the big top rises
beckoning forth the masses
eager to entertain
in its potent delights.
it is a hunger
that festers
as the unwilling savor
the blackness of their sin.
but no nourishment
can be found
among the debauched –
the depraved.
hearts beat in agitation
as feral desires
drown out
the primal screams
to flee.
for like magic,
they have ensnared you
and despite your protests,
you no longer possess
the ability to leave.
tonight in this living nightmare,
one will be chosen
for an inevitable fate.
no one will escape entrapment
of this cruel
and sinister call.
for here in the dwindling shadows
one will be chosen
to sustain
the devil
and all his thrall.
bespelled by…

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