the sacred road

tumblr_maohab9MB01rbfhxoo1_1280the essence of my heart
used to glide effortlessly
under the gentle weight of my pen.
it was a collection
of saline singed sadness
and the sugar coated sweetness of euphoria.
without impetus
or impediment,
my very soul bled
from the tips of my fingers
as i sang the story
of a now un-silenced muse.
the door to her cage
lay in tatters –
in her desperation
for escape.
her wings
molted and broken in the process
yet …
she remains adamant


she has only escaped one prison
for another
as the agony of healing
now lays a mountainous blockade
in the way.
words that once flowed
in the grace of boundless freedom
to but a stifled whispered hum,
as the pen
the ink
the aching need for expression
all begin to feel but
gratuitous white noise
upon deaf ears.
the direction of…

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