the sacred road


dappled light shimmers
rich in hues
of brandished gold
and fiery flame.
it beckons
a crisp
but altered beginning
from the very ashes
of death.
it is a time
in the brutality
of its renewal –
for in letting go
we cease
to be.
has cycled forward
promoting the slithering
of an ill-fitting skin
no longer fashioned
for who
we have become.
are now free
to crumble
like scattered leaves
beneath weighted steps.
it is but a choice
in the beauty
of autumn’s amber kiss.
decisive action
must stand upon
the fragile grandeur
cloaked in dramatic grays,
for soon
the balance will shift
and a chance
will be missed
in the hesitation.
shadows grow long
as forked tongues
but wait
to paint the world
in the barrenness
of ice
and blue;
forever a reminder
for all we have strived
but failed
to be.

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