the sacred road


time splinters
as the cold grasp of painful debilitation descends.
it is an unending sorrow
burdened upon aching shoulders and a fractured heart.
labored breaths halt
and yet, life continues its forward progression
to the unidentifiable grief
paralyzing my steps.
it is an agony
incomprehensible to those untouched
by the ashes of trauma.
i am a fraction of my beginnings
as each day is now tallied
in the aftermath of this savage battle.
tears pool as reeling thoughts spiral
and comfort can only be found
in the repetition of your cradling arms.
i am adrift upon this open sea
forever lost upon the heaving crests of savage need.
i no longer know my purpose
as i drown in the ever present shadows
readily clinging in the wake of my crumbling state.
they slice and ravage my tender disposition
and yet despite the bleeding of my soul,
you refuse to…

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