Spark by Allana Walker #CinnamonTreats

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I sit absentmindedly channel surfing, I’m going out of my mind!

It’s Saturday night and I’m stuck in my apartment. I should be getting ready to have an amazing time with Rach at ‘Treats’ the new male strip show Christmas special that’s on tonight, but no here I am!

Why you ask? Well, because my mom has banned me from going out that’s why! She said and I quote;

You need to stop getting off your face drunk and sleeping around to get over Gregory. Give your flower a break. You’ll need to keep it as new as possible for your future husband.’

I know right? Embarrassing. I actually laughed in her face thinking she was joking, until I looked at her face, it was as serious as if she were telling me that someone had died. I relented with a roll of my eyes. I’m acting my…

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