Perfect Treasures and more by S.J Warner #CinnamonTreats

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Snowflakes fall silently
On frosted ground
As people smile
And rush around.

Shops filled with lights
And decorations
Sparkling brightly
A glittery celebration.

Scent of ginger
Cinnamon and spice
Delicious cinder toffee
And all things nice.

Market stalls disguised
As mini alpine huts
Warming the heart
As the cold wind cuts.

Carols play
As people rush by
A treat to the ears
That none can deny.

Weary arms
Laden with gifts
Ache and burn
As the snow softly drifts.

The madness of christmas
The joy and the pleasures
Not always religious
As we find perfect treasures.

Little Red Bow.


Little red bow
Tied in place
Hiding the treats
He wants to taste

Little red bow
Intricately tied
Strip of velvet
Two inches wide

Little red bow
The perfect gift
With added sparkles
Make his thoughts shift

Little red bow
She was such a tease
Cinnamon scented
Eager to please


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