Hot Aussie Christmas by Mark Davis #CinnamonTreats

S.J's Blog

He’s worked hard all day
In the Australian Christmas heat
Mowing lawns for neighbours
So he could give his mum some treats
The last one for the day
Voluptuous Mrs Brown
“Come in and have a drink
My husbands stuck in townOr maybe you would like
To join me for a swim ”
She passed across some bathers
“These belong to him”
“I’ll change and get some beers
Then meet you in the pool
I’ll also get some ice
To keep them nice and coolMessage your mother
Tell her you’ll be late
She knows I’ll look after you
I know she has a date”
He did as she said
Told mum of his plan
She said “your 18 now son
Behave like a man”

Mrs Brown returned
In her bikini quite a sight
Her eyes ran across him
Felt his groin go tight
Pressed up against him
Touched his face…

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