Christmas Comes Early by A.M Harding #CinnamonTreats

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“How many more?” he asked.

“Just one before lunch. If you can manage to squeeze in a quickie?” she replied, disappearing behind the wall of tinsel.

He could hear muffled sounds from the queue waiting expectantly outside the grotto that had been built in the middle of the toy department. It was his first week as Santa and whilst he was arguably too young and physically not built for the role, he had taken to the job like a duck to water. It had taken a while to get used to the incessant stream of wide-eyed children being coaxed and pushed in front of him but the eventual joy on their faces made it all worthwhile. Well, that and the cheeky smile of his ever-present and appropriately named assistant, Holly.

The final child was soon on his way, a wrapped present clutched tightly to his chest as he headed out…

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