The List by Chris Kuhn #CinnamonTreats

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Let me be your reason

For zilch by the tree.

No list is more desired,

Do nothing nice to me.

Drape me in gift wrap,

Then tear it with glee.

Santa will be coming!

I’m sure as can be.

The most supple linens

And shiniest toys

Have nothing on me,

All my sparkle and poise.

Ditch Dasher and Dancer

Dump Donner and Blitzen

We’ve plenty of stockings

And much to stuff in them.

Protect all the villagers

From sights best unseen

Dim lights to conceal,

Send tots off to dream.

Then pillage and plunder

This village’s loot

A holiday feasting

From nightcap to boot

Let robes fall away,

And all niceties with them

No mistletoe needed,

The naughty have risen.

© Chris Kuhn 2015.

(Picture sourced from the internet).

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