Snow Frolics by KB Mallion #CinnamonTreats

S.J's Blog

So we are off for some fun

Going to wrap up warm

I’ll look like a sumo

Not a classy look, I warn

I know a little place

Where others hardly go

We can sledge in peace

Go wild in the crisp snow

The kids are so excited

To go on a super fast sledge

I hope they do stay on

Not fly over a bloody big hedge

I’ll whizz down the field

It’s going to be a blast

I hope my pelvic floors

Bloody do work when I laugh

Maybe they should design

A sledge with me in mind

With built in Tena Lady

And a cushion for my behind

I’ll try not to pee myself

As I squeal loud with delight

Frozen piddly trousers

Not an attractive sight

Upon our chilly return

I have a sweet little treat

Iced cinnamon twirls

To warm our chattering teeth

So off…

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