Penguins by KA Hobbs #CinnamonTreats

S.J's Blog


A Connected Series Christmas extra

featuring Harry & Megan


KA Hobbs

Two days before Christmas


Does it really matter?” I huff, blowing hair out of my face.

Of course it matters!” Harry exclaims. “Do you really think Abigail’s Auntie and Uncle can get her the wrong ones?”

Then phone Sophie or Doug and ask you big moron!”

I am so hot and grumpy right now. Too many people are shopping at this time of year and I hate it. Why does Harry insist on doing this today? I drop my bag in the middle of the floor and sit down, crossing my legs and folding my arms over my chest.

What are you doing?” Harry asks, trying to hide his grin.

What does it look like? I’m staging a protest!”

About what exactly?” he crouches in front of…

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