Make It Count by J A Heron #CinnamonTreats

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Would you pass me my cufflinks please darling,” I ask my wife. I’m all dressed up, apart from my cufflinks and dinner jacket, ready to party with my work colleagues. It’s that time of year – party season. The season of over indulgence, presents, so much sparkle, one could be blinded by the dazzle of tinsel and baubles. It’s not my favourite time of year, but I like to make an appearance, like a good boss should. Every year I host a lavish Christmas party for all my staff and board members. With no expense spared, we lay on enough champagne to sink a battleship. There’s beluga caviar, smoked salmon and so much other food that we could feed a small country. With two days until Christmas day, I’m in an excitable mood and ready to party.

Here you are baby.” My wife – Celine, hands me my…

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