Found For Christmas by Amy Davies #CinnamonTreats

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Found For Christmas



Pulling up at the restaurant I take a deep breath, I turn the ignition off and check myself in the rear view mirror. Fuck it. I look good no matter what I do. Climbing out of my Audi, I close the door and lock and walk towards the restaurant, my feet crunching on the snow beneath my feet. Reaching for the brass handle the cold stings my already cold hands. The heat and the smell from inside hit’s my body, and my stomach grows, reminding me that I missed lunch today thanks to the stupid arse that decided he wanted to go over his new contract today rather them next week because the lucky fucker is flying to Hawaii for the Christmas period. Walking towards the hostess table, I see the very hot blonde smile at me, and I return her smile.

“Good evening, Mr…

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