Club Secrets And Whispers by Samantha Harrington #CinnamonTreats

S.J's Blog

I raise my arm bringing the flogger down harder this time, her whimpers let me know that she’s enjoying it. This one likes the gag and the flogger. Loves to be bent over the bench, while I flog her arse and tell her how naughty she is. I do this methodically now. This one has been coming to see me for 6 months. The first time I think she was embarrassed, that after a few smacks with the flogger the orgasm hit hard. I was surprised when she came back, but she wanted to just be flogged and then asked shyly for me to gag her, so that she was not tempted to answer me back. “Do you want to cum now Hailey” I ask, knowing that she can’t reply but I see her head nodding up and down frantically. “Well you have pleased me so spread your legs wider…

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