Cinnamon Treats by Charming Man #CinnamonTreats

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Cinnamon Treats

I stuffed the keys of the Fiat 500 hire car into my pocket, picked up my holdall and exited the SpeedyCar rental cabin in search of parking lot 105. A single snowflake fell from the sky and dissolved on my cheek as I gazed into the darkness of the Christmas morning sky, searching for signs of the impending blizzard that had been forecast. Condensation from my breath obscured the panoramic view before me as though peering through frosted glass. Everything seemed grey and silent and mildly depressing. I sighed when I reached parking lot 105. A lime green 500; really?

Less than seventy-two hours earlier, I’d finished work in Toulouse three days before Christmas, and planned to settle down with my French girl-friend of two years in our cosy apartment for the duration of the festivities. Ok, so her rather eccentric parents were to descend upon us on…

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