A Taste Of Christmas by Raven Anxo #CinnamonTreats

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A Taste of Christmas


Raven Anxo



Remnants of a light fall of snow brushed from his coat, Patrick looked around. So this was Midar City. As he made his way along the sidewalk, prerecorded Christmas carols oozed from shops, making him cringe. The sweet tones reminded him too much of Heaven; a place which had stripped him of his wings, powers, and angelic status. Not content with that the powers that be tossed him to the North Pole to live with Santa Claus. That male’s continuous happy mood made Patrick want to hurl at times. Well either that or go and bury himself in the snow to escape all the “joy.”

Coat collar pulled up against the cold he continued walking, dodging people as he went. Every damn December it was the same thing; visit a city and look for “her,” then go back empty handed. Two…

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