Portraits of a Ghost

I wrote Chew for the COLOR BY WORDS | Sing-Along challenge. I’ll work on getting a video posted before too much longer. For now, just imagine a sort of jazzy/blues rock acoustic song. Very laid back, easy-going.

This song is about being separated from the one that you love by many miles, and needing to really take time to contemplate your feelings to keep your emotions in check. I guess I’ve always thought the best place to do that was sitting out on the back porch.

Lines like, “Bright as a rose in bloom, now that you’re gone I see you,” describe the feeling that absence makes the heart grow fonder. It’s only after you’ve been apart for a while that you really see how beautiful that person is, how bright they make your day, how happy you are when you’re together, but you’ve been taking all that for…

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