River of Love

Midwest Fantasy Writes

Love is an entity of its own

I dare anyone to define it succinctly

It’s like a river endlessly flowing

Slowly on hot, lazy days

Fierce and loud on others

Gently winding and swerving in a dance of grace

Never narrow, straight, stoic, unbending

Rolling through new places and horizons

Some light and airy and free

Some dark, ominous, frightening

It wanders smoothly with a breath of calm

When the path bears no bumps

Yet splashes sprays of turbulence

When debris and boulders block the easy course

But it does not halt or abruptly stop

Overriding power keeps it flowing

Surging forward

With a solid will behind it

A will to make it

Make it to the destination

Where it finally empties

Into something much more grand

Free from confines of its banks…


Is where

It becomes eternal



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