The Red Velvet Chair

Round and round I go
To the center and back again
Questioning the pieces left of me
Right again
To find my sanity

Excuse me miss, but can you tell me where to find me
It seems I’ve lost my mind, you see
On my way to clarity

Right then right
Left once more
No idea what’s in store
Back and forth in circles I go
Tell me now if I bore you so
As I circle ‘round once more

Spinning spinning like a top
Where oh where will I stop
One piece here
Another there
Pieces of me everywhere
Gouged out with a spoon
Ripped right out another two



I. Can’t. Breathe.

Walls closing in
Turning ‘round and ‘round I spin
Finger pointed aimlessly
Through the walls I must flee
Finding more pieces of me

Which way which way do I go now

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