the space between.

the sacred road

intermittent breaths
have staggered into a plethora
of unfinished moments
ever plagued
in the absence of shared extension.
have morphed into minutes
forever fleeting
amongst willing smiles
and waiting tears.
there is hope
and yet a maudlin cloud
now mars the perfection
of the pristine sky.
and i am left
both replete
and nourished
in transcendence of such an absence.
fingers cling
upon upturned palms
as idle thoughts yearn
for the addition of one.
but hearts remain fractured
as your whispers fade
from the dying wind.
echoes are all that’s left
as the dust settles
and all that was vibrant lingers
in the dulled hue of memory.
and yet in the heady comfort
of saturated dreams,
the warmth of your embrace
eases the ragged edges of my heart.
– in the space before waking —
i am bathed
in the effervescence of your laughter
and the aching comfort

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