let*ting go.

the sacred road


there comes a time
when the grace of what was
is all
that can ever be.

a breadth of a moment
forever whispering
its empty promise upon the wind.

and yet,
fingertips bleed
as the heart yearns
to remain tethered
to the wholeness found in yesterdays.

the pain lingers
as the bitter taste of sorrow
lays palpable upon the tongue.

treasured dreams
into an endless nightmare of self flagellation.

anger and uncertainty
plague a once undoubtful mind;
as questions
forever left unanswered
upon undulating tears.

joy drowns
in the bowls of self loathing
and regret
until living turns to mere existence.

the rip tide seems inescapable
until fractured fingers
collapse in agonizing pain.

and the world shifts
as the current pulls
on exhausted shoulders,
only to send you spiraling
with gasping breath to the surface.

the echo of grief still pangs
against a ripped and ragged heart

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