Your love is King

Ángel Wings Poetry


Come to me
My sweet love
Wrap yourself
In my desires
Release those demons
Into the air
into my nefarious lair


Let me lead you
To your dream
Take you To the light
To reach nirvana
With each bite
Make love
into the early dawn
Letting our passion
Reach that high
Bring you up
In anguish
Let you cum

I crave your touch
My turn now to feel
Your thrust
Rhythmically we
Become one
Holding on to our
Dance of lust
You are my king
The one I crave
sweet pain

United as one
It’s done
Engulf you
In my arms
Let you dream of
More delights
Tenderly kiss you
Into twilight

Find your peace
Within my bed
Sleep well tonight
My King of hearts 💓


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