the sacred road


spindle hairs of memory
dance along muted ends
as thoughts of him rekindle
a fire forgotten and long well spent.

a tiny flame undulates within the embers
igniting a passion long believed to be lost.
a pheonix rising from the ashes
eager to burn regardless of the cost.

purity engulfed eternal
in the raging inferno of her soul;
in him, the echo of her spirit
desperate for the warmth only she can bestow.

it is a cataclysmic consumation
as chilling bone consumes graceful waves of brandished blue.
a gluttonous feast set before him,
an addiction from which he’ll forever imbue.

his compliance a hedonistic aphrodisiac
laced like honey across her tongue –

sudden realization
an added spice
ashis course unerringly undone.

his terror a palpable inticement
as she drinks him ever in
until all is left is the ashes
awash across her burning skin.

the breath…

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