In The Dark

Siren Whispers


She wakes

Suddenly aware in the dark.

Her body tingling with arousal


She needs to feel her bare skin.

She peels the thin straps down off her shoulders

And pushes the soft blue material down her body

Past her breasts

Past her belly.

Until she is naked to the night air

And darkness.

Her hands smooth themselves over her belly

Before cupping her breasts.

It’s not enough

She needs more.

She tugs and pinches her nipples


Her moan soft in the silent room

Her hands continue to roam her body


Then rough

As she caresses naked skin.

Over and over she pinches her nipples

Eliciting a slightly painful response

Imagining his fingers

His intent gaze

As he takes in her slight frown of discomfort

And smiles.

Her nails scrape her belly

Leaving slight pink marks

Causing the skin to tingle.

Her fingers find her sex


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