At My Fingertips

Throw The Book At Me


It happened
Against the nocturnal blush
Of the whispering sky
My eyes lost
In its infinite blackness
Until I suddenly found myself
Up in those stars
And again in the shadows
That melded and danced
Beneath the brooding trees
And I caught an epiphany
On the wind
As it thickened my hair
Leaving its debris
Until it was all I could feel
And I knew I’d never formulate
The proper words
To translate such a moment
But I longed to write them anyway
And I continued to gaze above me
Absorbing the vastness of the universe
Mind bent by the notion
That I was something
So very small
Inside of something larger than life
Yet comforted by that special nook
Carved out for me
Amid the diamond flickers
Pirouetting like a billion souls in flight
And though I’d forever yearn
And though I’d forever dream
For things I couldn’t yet reach
Still I’d…

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