Into The Light

Richard M. Ankers - Author

The musty comforts of the sewer, how they permeated my soul. Within that dark and dank subteranea, I was king. To the creatures of the dismal, monsters of the deep, I reigned supreme, the lord of lands unseen. I should have revelled in my dominance, reclined in my lichen throne and allowed the sewer gators and rat hordes to serve and protect, but I could not. I longed for the light. Not the wild luminance of the garbage moths, nor the exaggerated colours of the spirit fish swimming through the tunnels in their multitudinous shoals of neon blue, but the sun, the golden globe I longed to see.

I dreamt of that flaming ball of fire every night. I was consumed by my need for it. For that reason, I departed, whilst those about me slept. I skulked from my realm as a beggar from a ballroom and not an…

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