-Beautiful journey


Beautiful journey.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


A wise person ensure they take the good road.


 mist 2

                    Beautiful journey.

A thousand roads to choose.
We can ride into darkness without fear of the consequences or
take the cold and heartless  road.
Leaving all things of value behind us.
Careless life and thoughts leaving good people forgotten and lost.

The easy way is more convenience.
Dirty dreams and woman can darken the soul.
The sin of living will leave you on a lonely road.

A beautiful journey.
Is chance and luck?
Opening new doors of love and friendship.
Allow new dreams and hope to overtake things lost.

A thousand roads to choose.
I choose the dark eyed woman who made me laugh.
She dances in the light of the city without fear.
She love the sea and the quiet of the night.
Love without fear and she tried to be…

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