La Pucelle

Poesy plus Polemics

"Joan of Arc" Painting by Paul Berenson From “Joan of Arc”
Painting by Paul Berenson

(Regarding Joan of Arc)

conversations with God
charted destiny
child of violent virtue
miraculous champion
driven to rescue the
Armagnac birthright
this mere wisp of a girl
with a warrior’s heart
given holy commission
to punish pretenders
the English in league
with Burgundian dukes
maiden general took
her spectacular triumphs
of field to the feet of
her patron and new
restored king until
captured and tried by her
still writhing enemies
stood to the fire with
all of the stoical faith of
her young nineteen years

in the end did her cause
for a justly united French
kingdom prevail and a
posthumous trial returned
her to innocence raising
her up as a martyr to faith
emblematic of doctrinal
courage in face of all odds
setting grounds for the
hearts and the minds
of the centuries keeping
her memory loved
as a…

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