the sacred road


it calls her from her slumber
to dance amongst the stars
adorned in hues of jasmine
beneath the rising moon’s awaiting arms.

the lure is all encompassing –
a visceral pull too latent to ignore.
she heeds the beckoning shadows
eager for what lay in store.

the heady weight of summer
is a sultry serenade in the humid heat –
a crown of flowers tangled in her hair
as blades of fresh cut grass guide her feet.

she hears the distant murmur
of a flowing brook just out of reach,
it is a siren’s call of beckoning
and her heart pulsates in fearful retreat.

but no longer does she answer
to the command of her voice alone,
for from the night pulsates the wrath
of the one to which she must atone.

fear slides like ice cold fingers
down each rippling ridge of her spine.
hasty prayers whispered on trembling lips

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