Sweet Lily Who Is Free

Mary Cochrane

Sweet Lily Who Is Free

Sweet Lily Lane lay down to sleep,
Wrapped up in velvet gown,
She fell into her slumber deep,
Whilst all was busy in the town.

She slept as children played in class
And workers toiled their hours away;
Evening came and evening passed
And Lily dreamt till break of day.

Then she awoke with gentle grace
And drank her morning tea,
She dressed herself in flowers and lace,
Sweet Lily who is free.

She kissed the lotus on the stream
And danced and sang a lilting tune,
She gathered fragments of a dream
And ate them with a silver spoon.

She rode wild horses in the snow
To feel the fresh wind on her face,
She knew not sorrow, fear or woe,
Or nature of the commonplace.

Sweet Lily sits in all her fayre
Beside a roaring fire at night,
She reads in silence in…

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